[Herald Review] NCT 127 takes inspiration from ‘Matrix’ for 3rd tour

예술 2023-12-05 03:46:08 1354

Thousands of NCT 127 fans gathered at the KSPO Dome in Seoul on Sunday for the third show of the group’s third tour, “Neo City - The Unity.”

Most in attendance were Korean fans carrying banners with the name of their favorite member on them. As the house lights went down to signal the start of the show, the fans' lights illuminated the venue in neon hues.

NCT 127 ascended to the stage decked out in all white. The band stood silently, taking in acclamations from the thousands of fans that filled every seat in the dome.

The K-pop boy band kicked off the show with “Punch,” the lead track from its repackaged second LP, which the group scarcely performs on stage. That was followed by “Superhuman,” which fans had requested them to perform when the group was gathering ideas for the set list of its third tour.

NCT 127 demonstrated what the standard of K-pop performance is through the group's neatly aligned, yet powerful choreography.

The concert employed fancy lighting effects and a center stage that lifted in a unique figure to transform the venue into what seemed to be a futuristic city.

“We were inspired by the movie ‘The Matrix’ when planning for this tour. That’s why we also included performances of ‘Superhuman’ and ‘Punch,'” the group's leader Taeyong explained during the show.

“We want you to enjoy the concert by singing along, dancing and shouting out loud. Tonight, this dome has to be the hottest place in South Korea,” said bandmate Yuta.




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